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Wool childrenswear



Truly Wooly Kids // feelgood childrenswear

Wool childrenswear is the new black :) We love natural kidswear and especially wool children's basics. Wool has excellent isothermic properties; it isolates, it breathes, it is soft, non-irritating and absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Not like cotton. For that reason wool is the best material you can get as an all year-long (!) thermal baselayer for your kids. Shop your kids' essential woolwear here and have fun mixing and matching the colors!

Min: €0 Max: €250

FUB Merino sweatpants - fine knit - grey - 80 to 120

Comfy merino sweatpants with a soft waistband and slit pockets. 100% organic merino . Also available in dark blue.

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