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What is it?

The Truly Wooly Kids Capsule Value Pack is a sustainable children's clothing package carefully put together with items from previous collections by Poudre Organic, Minimalisma and FUB, among others. All your brands are known for their beautiful quality, their durability and their timeless designs.


You purchase a Truly Wooly Kids Capsule Value Pack with a price advantage of 30% compared to the original sales price! Yay!


The value packs are specially tailor-made and styled by me. When you order a capsule value pack, you usually receive 3 separate items (and sometimes 4 or 5;) that you can combine into 1 or 2 sets. The items can also easily be combined with other basics from a standard children's wardrobe. You actually buy a timeless children's clothing package for an affordable price :) Only added value!


How do I choose the right size?

I have handled the sizes as carefully as possible. The size in the title of the product is actually the size that you need tot take account off. When size 110 is indicated in the product title then you buy this value pack for when your child is already going towards the 110 cmin length. If there is 110-116 in the title of the product, this means that the package is suitable for carrying when the child is between 110 and 116 cm.


Clothing sizes are not a precise science. I have combined items that indicate different sizes on the labels. I have taken into account as much as possible the fact that some items of clothing size smaller or larger. Don't be surprised if you order a package in size 86 and it happens to be a shirt in size 2-3 years :)


If you have doubts about the sizing, or want to know a certain size, please contact me (Marjolijn) via mail [email protected] .   I will gladly help you further :)


Very important

There is only 1 piece of each pack! 


And because they are carefully assembled packages, it is not possible to purchase a single piece from the package or to return / exchange individual items after purchase.


No money is returned on the discount packages, so please think carefully before purchasing.

Min: €0 Max: €5

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