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Lilli & Leopold



Lilli & Leopold

Classic designs in organic merino wool 


Lilli & Leopold is an Oslo-based, Norwegian Brand that creates Organic underwear garments for babies and children between 0–14 years old.

All garments are manufactured in 100% Organic Merino Wool. Merino wool has extremely soft and delicate fibers, and is exceptionally durable, making it perfectly suitable for use in underwear. Merino Wool is itch free and soft to the skin and can easily be cleaned in a washing machine like any other wool type.

Lilli & Leopold is designed in an ever classic style, with cute functional details. The underwear combines style and comfort with a Nordic feel. All Lilli & Leopold garments are produced by environmentally friendly manufactures in Europe

Min: €0 Max: €35

Lilli & Leopold baby leggings wool - 100% organic merino - stripes - 80 to 92

Perfect year round basic. These 100% organic merino baby leggings are great for the little ones still wearing diapers: it comes with extra bum space :) Doesn't itch, cools down in summer and warms up in winter.

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