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Minimalisma - premium organic children's wear & wool silk essentials

Minimalisma - premium organic children's wear & wool silk essentials

Since 2011, Minimalisma has crafted high-comfort garments from premium natural materials for little ones aged up to 6 years. Thus, filling a gap in the children’s wear market for purely natural qualities such as silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca and organic cotton. Key to wearability and fabric selection is durability. All styles use materials that are stretchy and flexible, meaning that the garments can be enjoyed a little longer than average baby clothes.


The AW1718 collection draws its inspiration from forest fairies on a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Designer Maja Akraberg grew up on the Faroe Islands and repeatedly draws inspiration from this isolated homely sphere for her minimalistic Nordic designs. This time to a small cluster of trees planted in her town’s centre, sheltered by mountains – the only little forest in a country where trees cannot grow naturally. In her childhood, this tiny forest was a poetic and adventuresome playground with fantasy fairies and magical potential. Through carefully designed high-comfort styles and all-natural materials, designer Maja Akraberg seeks to capture the feeling and colours of her secret autumn forest in the design of the AW17 collection. Timeless styles in minimalisma’s renowned signature silk- and wool seamless dominate the collection; assisted by premium-grade knits in sumptuous chunky alpaca, fine wool-cashmere blends and luxurious cashmere. The comfortable organic essentials have been complemented with new details and elegant jersey qualities have been added to the collection. Soft silhouettes leave room for climbing and unfettered play. Minimalisma is a timeless brand with a Nordic heritage.

With a deeply rooted Scandinavian design, a central business base in Zürich and stock in Germany, Minimalisma is available in our online web boutique Truly Wooly Kids

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