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Truly Wooly Kids story

It really makes me happy you choose to read this page! Welcome! I love telling stories and I hope you will love ours. My family and I live in the south of the Netherlands. I'm mom to 2 amazing kids and it's by watching them play that I realized something...

As far as I can remember I've always had cold feet and cold hands as a child. I hated it. I was always chilly. I really wish my parents had knew by then what I discovered later as an adult; WOOL. Wool is really the best material that ever happened to me :) 

I personally believe you do your kids a big favor when you make them wear wool but also silk right on their skin as both fibers have amazing thermo regulating properties. Silk/ wool basics are just the BOMB!! Even the finest knitted merino and silk essentials help growing children regulate their body warmth. That way they can use their precious energy not for warming up or cooling down but for playtime or for running around.


How it all started...

I wrote a blog about how the Truly Wooly Kids idea really started. You can find it here :)


Our mission

The mission of Truly Wooly Kids is to help growing children 1-6 years feel comfortable and at ease in their daily life by providing comfortable, timeless and modern clothing pieces with wool and silk as a starting point as it feels great on the skin and helps regulating body warmth. We bring all year long essentials and baselayers and next to that Truly Wooly Kids brings accessories and toplayers in the softest knitted materials like merino and alpaca. The collection will eventually be topped off with shoes/ boots and fashion musthaves made from organic and natural fibers like organic cotton, linnen and hemp.


Our concept

Truly Wooly Kids is an online kids boutique for feelgood childrenswear for kids 1-6 years. Feelgood means we select the finest eco-friendly kids clothing brands from Europe and Scandinavia that use sustainable fibers like organic wool, organic cotton or have a sustainable production policy and fairtrade working conditions. Feelgood also refers to the enveloping properties of wool and silk, which feel soft and friendly to the skin and help regulate body warmth optimally.

At Truly Wooly Kids you can buy wool and silk essentials and premium (knitted) organic kidswear. The pieces we select have a timeless and unisex quality that never go out of style. Our quality knitwear and wool childrenswear pieces can be passed on from generation to generation.

During the fall winter season we tend to focus on wool, silk and knitted kidswear. In the spring summer season we also bring airy natural fabrics like woven organic cotton, linnen and hemp clothing.


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